What are Hemp Seedlings?

Hemp seedlings are germinated hemp seeds in the earliest stages of growth, they essentially amount to infant hemp plants newly sprouting from the seed.

If you farm for CBD or CBG production then planting hemp seedlings brings a better success rate than planting a hemp seed directly into the ground.

However, if you farm for hemp fiber, seedlings prove unnecessary.

How much are Hemp Seedlings?

Seedlings get cheaper with quantity – the more you buy; the more you save!

For those growing at scale, seedlings can cost you as little as $1 . We sell verified seed and our minimum order is 25 seeds @ $250

Clones vary in cost but tend to be less than seeds.

Hemp Seedlings vs. Clones

Hemp clones have certain attributes which make them best suited to experienced, professional growers:

  1. They may derive from different strains
  2. They may not be rooted correctly
  3. They may be infected with fungi or insects
  4. They also tend to require more labour
  5. They can cost more than seeds
  6. And seedlings yield more than some cloned offspring

In contrast to clones, plants grown from Hemp Seed naturally produce a tap root (main root). Tap roots act as an anchor for the plant which aids in support, water and nutrient uptake.

Outdoor growers lean toward growing from hemp seed; in the experience of most, clones bring too great a number of challenges to justify the effort, expense, and hassle.

What are your top seeds?

MGB is our most popular strain because MGB is a phenomenal strain: it yields highly resinous buds.

This sativa-dominant strain originally went by the name “Medical Grade Bud,” but this quickly got shortened to MGB! MGB is a cross of Haze, Northern Lights, and Leda Uno which now goes bred for high CBG content.



How to germinate Hemp Seeds

Growing hemp from seed has three initial stages: 

  1. sowing the hemp seed
  2. germinating the seed 
  3. sowing, or planting, the seedlings
  1. We recommend you start germinating your hemp seeds from April-June. Although – KEEP IN MIND – climate & weather conditions definitely ring more important than the calendar date.

  2. Soil temperature above 50°F, in Full-Sun (6-8 hours of sunlight a day) and well-drained soil is ideal.

  3. Upon planting, follow with deep watering to promote germination.

Seed-sprouts emerge anywhere between 5-10 days, although some seeds can require as long as two weeks to surface.

The best environment for germinating Hemp Seedlings

The germination stage – as you wait for your seedlings to sprout – can be an exciting yet daunting time. Keep patient! Check on the seeds frequently; never let them dry out.

For best results, you’ll need:

  • A dark environment and stable room temperature –>
    During germination they need little to no light

  • A tray with plenty of ventilation (frequent fresh air) –>
    To keep them moist and breathing in balance

  • Distilled water for soaking and early watering –>
    The quality of water and early watering helps to support growth and good development

Spray luke-warm, distilled water on them as often as necessary to keep them moist, but avoid flooding the seedlings.

After a few days, be on the lookout for a tiny white root breaking through the seed shell. Wait until the root is about an inch long, before giving the seedlings their first taste of soil.


How to care for Hemp Seedlings?

  • Be careful! During any handling, pay mind to protect the delicate taproot.
  • Use tweezers to handle the seeds to avoid any harm from the oils on your fingers. Plant the sprouted seeds about 1/2 to 1 inch deep, to conserve energy for the stem and first leaves to pop up through the soil.
  • Make sure to moisten the soil.
  • Keep the seeds at the correct temperature (around 78°F). 

Your little plants can pop out of the soil within a few days.

How much light do Hemp Seedlings need?

  • Germination Stage: Hemp seeds need no light when they are germinating. In fact, they require an absence of light.

  • Once Sprouted: They need a lot of light — 18 hours a day, to be exact (… Though you could even gift them 24 hours of light per day).

At this point, the seeds will want light, and lots of it. Even if they still situate beneath the soil, go ahead and turn your grow light on.

If you do not employ a grow light, a number of different alternatives do exist. For seedlings, fluorescent lights or LED light bars work well.

How many Seedlings do I need per acre?

Everyone has their reasons for a particular planting density and spacing. One might want to mow between the planted rows, so the rows need to be wider than the available equipment. There are many options available (see Table 1).

You can calculate the number of seedlings needed per acre by multiplying the spacing between seedlings, (for example: 10 X 10 = 100ft); dividing 43,560 sq. ft. per acre by the sq. ft. spacing provides the number of seedlings needed per acre.

Our example: 43,560 / 100 = 436 seedlings per acre.

Thus, you can substitute any spacing and determine the number of seedlings needed per acre.

Table 1: Examples of various spacings and initial planting densities for hemp tree seedlings


Square feet
per Seedling

per Acre

5 x 5251,742
6 x 6361,210
6 x 848907
8 x 864680
10 x 1080


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