Product Testing

Building trust into our process

Ask your current CBD provider for testing and see how they compare to our products!

These are examples of the testing we complete on all of our products:

Potency Test

We run this test for our Full Spectrum and Isolate Extracts. Our Full Spectrum lab results (shown above) display the cannabinoid profile to ensure none of the delicate compounds were lost during the super critical CO2 extraction process. Our Isolate extracts are tested to ensure they have 0 parts per million THC so you can have piece of mind when using our products.

CBD Advice

Terpene Test

Ever wonder what makes our products Feel & Taste so good? The secret is high-potency terpene’s! Visit our friends over at the CBD Project to learn more about terpenes.

Residual Solvent Test

We have a motto here at Herbal Fracture, ‘Leave No Trace’, we want to make sure you’re receiving the highest-quality CBD without anything being picked up through the extraction process. We want our extracts to be pure, organic & 100% natural!

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Pesticide Test

No forms of pesticides will be found in our products. We do this test for every batch of hemp that comes through our doors. Our farmers are using the most advanced, non-invasive, organic farming techniques available today.

Heavy Metals Test

Plants that are grown in tainted soil can soak up heavy metals with their roots over time. Using an extraction with heavy metals could be extremely detrimental to your health which is why this test is so important to us!

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Bio-Contaminates (Mold)

Improperly cared for plant material can develop microbial colonies that can be very dangerous to your health. We only use properly cured plant material for our extracts to ensure you get a healthy, clean product.

Setting The Industry Standard

The majority of what you will find on the market today is harshly extracted using butane, pentane, hexane or ethanol or uses isolate to compensate for inferior plant material. For those that do use CO2 extraction they filter out and boil off many of the other beneficial plant materials available in the original plant, while our extracts leave these intact. We know what makes our products work and why others don’t. Our proprietary extraction method retains more of the plants beneficial components that are available in the original plant. Our plant material is grown right here in Colorado and our extract is tested through Metrc state licensed facilities.  These labs utilize HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) and HPGC (High Pressure Gas Chromatography) to produce the most accurate and verifiable test results.

*If you require testing for any of our products simply scan the QR code on the base of your product to see the lab results.

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