4-in-1 Vape Kit


  • 4-in-1 Ultimate Vape Kit
  • Includes FOUR attachments!
  • Variable Voltage Battery (FREE)
  • Cool NUG Jar !
  • Three Metal Tools
  • Best Quality!
  • SKU#: 4-in-1-ultimate-vape-set
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4-in-1 Vape Kit


Are you tired of having too many vaping devices? We got you covered! Our new addition to our already extensive products is our new 4-in-1 Vaporizer combo kit. This ultimate kit comes with just about everything you will need to vape any product!

Our combo kit includes FOUR vaporizing attachments:

  • 4-in1 Vape Combo Kit
  • 100% Top Quality Device
  • (1) Dry Herb Attachment
  • (1) Conenctrate Attachment
  • (1) Vape Cart Attachment
  • (1) E-Liquid Attachment
  • (1) Stealth Black Battery
  • Accessory Pack (See Below)

SKU#: 4-in-1-ultimate-vape-set

Price: $89.99


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