Cats Meow Smokable CBD Flower


Strain: ‘Cat’s Meow’ CBD

Scent: Tropical Sweet

Brand: Mountain Strong Hemp

SKU#: CBD-Flwr-Cats-Mw

Cats Meow Smokable CBD Flower


Cats Meow Smokable CBD Flower

Are you looking for rare CBD genetics? Our in-house team has crafted another new strain called ‘Cats Meow,’ the latest in our high CBD smokable flower genetics collection we breed here in Colorado.

Our team has leaders from past and present who hold awards and accolades for generations in the marijuana industry and are now bringing their skillsets to Mountain Strong Hemp company to create new award-winning strains for the industrial hemp industry!

Product Notes:

  • Nose: Initially, the nose is comprised of fresh, sweet plant matter. When broken down, it expands to encompass tropical sweet and sugary cream.
  • General: Beautiful, Christmas tree-shaped flowers that exhibit an average density. Bright green buds caked with well-developed amber trichomes. (Machine and hand-trimmed)
  • Bud Structure: With our new genetics, the yields are incredible, and as the name says it all, with any strain it smokes light, a top-shelf should.

How are the ‘Cats Meow CBD’ buds manicured?

All of our CBD flowers are first trimmed with an industry standard known as a trimming machine. Once the built of the leafy material is removed with this first pass process, we then have a team of trimming professionals take over and start producing very tight CBD flower nugs.

Can you help small and large farmers with hemp seeds?

We have helped all types of farmers, from small beginners to leaders in the big agriculture space. Not only have we helped our domestic farming brothers & sisters with various CBD & CBG hemp genetics, but we have also helped people abroad.

Product Specifications:

Strain: Cats Meow Smokable CBD Flower

Brand: Mountain Strong Hemp

Delta-8 Infused: No

Scent: Tropical Sweet

SKU#: CBD-Flwr-Cats-Mw

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