CBD Chillax Capsules – 7pk


  • Fast Acting Formulation.
  • CBD Isolate & CBD Distillate.
  • Pieces: Seven Capsules
  • USDA Farm Bill Compliant.
  • Contains <.3% Total THC.


CBD Chillax Capsules

Have you been on edge lately? We have created the new ‘CBD Chillax Pills’ which are the product you have been looking for!

Now in an explosive seven day power pack you can start your day right knowing your anxiety will be lower when utilizing our new CBD Chillax capsules.

Formulated with both CBD distillate and CBD isolate specifically for your endocannabinoidal system which regulates all of your bodies crucial systems so you can be operating at your full potential with our newest formulation.

Which conditions could your ‘CBD Chillax Pills’ help me with?

  • Acne – By applying this incredible topical cannabinoid oil to your skin you can help reduce flaring acne as we’ll as increase your skins overall glow.
  • Anxiety – New studies have suggested this amazing CBD cannabinoid can help soldiers with PTSD, as we’ll as daily stress or anxiety from work/life.
  • Depression – As a vast population is now increasing in their use of CBD as an anti-inflammatory, this new trend has been helping fuel sales in the hemp industry’s marketplace.
  • Heart Health – CBD plays an important part in maintaining the bodies crucial functions including the heart health. CBD studies are suggesting that CBD can improve the cerebral flow of blood to your brain which will help in many aspects of our lives.
  • Sleeping – A large percentage of Americans suffer from restless nights and not being able to reach their R.E.M. sleep state. This perpetual lack of sleep can lead to many know diseases, and is why CBD is important to help regulate your sleeping patterns.

What is in the CBD isolates and the CBD distillates?

The end result of several processing techniques creates a powder raw material crystal known as isolate.  Prior to this final stage there is another refining process that creates the distillate material. One way to think of this is when the refining of hemp is starts you end up with a crude oil typically which still has all the plant matter and other by products within the oil.

Once this oil is refined through other means we are able to remove the plant matter, lipids and fats to create a palatable CBD distillate which can be used in edibles and other CBD products. We can also keep refining the distillate with other processing equipment to obtain only the CBD crystals, removing everything else, we now have CBD isolate which is the purest form of CBD made.

What is a popular use of CDB isolate crystals?

The purity of CBD Chillax Capsules isolate makes it a popular raw material for both edibles and even cosmetics. This amazing white and fluffy ultra refined isolate can typically only be found when purchasing large amounts of raw materials.

Why would people need a completely free THC product?

Many health care workers, law enforcement officers, and even professional athlete’s all benefit from a zero THC product when facing random employment drug screening. Taking large amounts of CBD Chillax Capsules can help provide immediate relief and stamina to avid adventure’s and professionals.

What other product do you offer in CBD isolate formulations or raw materials?

We have several other products that include different amounts of CBD isolate for you to choose from within our online shop.

     CBD Isolate Raw Material:

     We have CBD isolate available as a raw material in several different sizes HERE.

     CBD Isolate Muscle Balm:

     In addition to the raw materials we also have an amazing CBD Chillax Capsules Isolate Muscle Salve locate at this link HERE.

When i place my order of  ‘CBD Chillax Pills’ how long until delivery?

As soon as you place your order the processing portion of your order begins! From their we ask for 1-2 business days, typically less but we have to allow for any potential delays when posting our timelines for processing your order. Once your packaged is ready to ship our team will email you the product invoice and tracking number so you can watch your delivery makes it way to your doorstep.

We appreciate all of our clients on going support and look forward to serving your CBD needs!

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