CBD Crumble Fruity Pebbles 1g


Product: Crumble

Cannabinoid: CBD

Size: One Gram

Flavor: Fruity Pebbles

Brand: Mountain Strong Hemp

SKU#: Crumble-Fty-Pbbls-1g


CBD Crumble with new terpenes!

This new Crumble is our in house laboratory recipe made to medical standards with the super popular terpene known as ‘Fruity Pebbles’! When your in need of the purest form of CBD made from 100% hemp derived plants, look no further. Our CBD is processed in an actual laboratory with the highest standards of excellence in this industry for both quality and safety for our customers worldwide.

How do i use this product?

Their is many documentations, videos, blogs and more on this subject and each case is different. We would suggest doing some research on both the term ‘dabbing‘ and ‘bowl topping‘ to familiarize yourself with the proper way to use CBD Crumble.

Product specifications:

Brand: Mountain Strong Hemp

Flavor: ‘Fruity Pebbles’

Container: Jar

SKU#: Crumble-Fty-Pbbls-1g

Size: One Gram

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