CBG Isolate

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CBD isolate is cannabidiol derived from the hemp plant.  Isolate crystals are refined from the plant to create a substance with one of the highest levels of pure CBD available on the market.  CBD isolate has many uses, it can be added to other health boosting products or used alone to increase well being.  CBD isolate is great for making products like edible supplements or massage creams for topical use.  It’s safe to be eaten alone or mixed in liquids or can be placed under the tongue for fast absorption.

Mountain Strong sources its isolates from producers and labs who maintain the highest standards for quality and purity.

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Weight.25 lbs

1 gram x 8.50$, 5 grams x 7$, 10 grams x 6.80$, 25 grams x 5.90$, 50 grams x 4.80$, 100 grams x 4.75$


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