King Palm CBD CBG Delta-8 3 in 1 Cigar


-Premium 3-in-1 Blend of CBD/CBD/Delta-8 THC.

-Infused with premium Delta-8 THC.

-BLISS blunt rolled to perfection!

-Premium 3-in-1 Blend of CBD/CBD/Delta-8 THC.

-USDA legally approved cannabinoid.

-Individual or Wholesale options available.

-Call today for volume, we have 1000’s on stand by!

-Long lasting party favorite! Stock up while supplies last.


We have started mass production of our own elite King Palm Delta-8 3 in 1 Cigar. Now that is a party favorite in our personnel line-up. Each time we drop our team into a new venue, conference, or event we always start each tour with a smooth puffin, mac daddy of CBD cigars, our very own Mountain Strong BIG BOY Cigar!

King Palm Delta-8 3 in 1 Cigar

Each Big Boy cigar starts with the nostalgic presence of an original premium King Palm Delta-8 3 in 1 Cigar tube. Each palm leaf tube is rolled by and crafted by hand unlike today’s traditional tobacco products. The skill it takes, let along the craftsman ship to consistently maintain a quality cigar is only done by the superior hands at King Palm industries.

Our team is ready to stock your shop up or your personnel collection with our smooth pulling, corn cob filter 3-in-1 which is combined with premium CBD flower, CBG flower both infused with Delta-8 distillate by our expert team of professionals.


One Cigar, Four Cigars, Ten Cigars, Twenty Cigars

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