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-Delta-8 Infused King Palm Cigars Available Now!!!

-Hand rolled to perfection!

-Top Shelf Full Spectrum 3-in-1 Blend of CBD/CBG/Delta-8 THC.

-2018 USDA Compliant and EU Compliant!

-Call for Bulk and Wholesale pricing options available.



Best Delta-8 Cigars

Our Mountain Strong Hemp Company’s Smokable Collection takes quality and class to a whole higher level with our original Delta-8 Infused King Palm Cigars! Extremely smooth and slow burning, Our King Palm Cigars will blast you to a higher state in the smoothest way possible. Filled with our very own Special Reserve Full Spectrum Top Shelf Flower blend of CBD/CBG and enough Delta-8 THC to light up any gathering with class.

These cigars are hand crafted with 0ur exclusive top shelf flower fill infused with the highest quality Delta-8 distillate made. Our cigar starts with the nostalgic presence of an original premium Delta-8 Infused King Palm Leaf cigar.

Each palm leaf tube is rolled by and crafted by hand unlike today’s traditional tobacco products. The skill it takes, let along the craftsmanship needed to consistently maintain a quality cigar is only done with care and a focus of perfection.

MSHC Smokable Collection

We focus on every detail in the MSHC Smokable Collection so that we can deliver the highest premium smoking experience possible. We spent hours testing and perfecting our full spectrum 3-in-1 CBD/CBG/D8 flower mix.

We studied every detail and spared no expense even on our packaging! Every MSHC Delta-8 King Palm Cigar is packaged in air tight glass tubes so that we can assure that we did everything to deliver the absolute highest quality, best tasting hemp cigar on the planet!

At MSHC, we focus on quality and that starts with using the best genetics by the best cannabis breeders around the globe. We often collaborate with our breeder friends to create the best fire possible.

Our boutique smokable hemp flower is organically grown by master growers in the most state of the art facilities being built today. We harvest during the best conditions and take our time to dry, cure, and process our flower using the best practices known.

Delta-8 Smokable Hemp Flower

Cannabinoids: Delta-8 THC, D8, Delta-9 THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC

2018 USDA Farm Bill Compliant: Yes

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