Delta-8 Party Pack PRO


NEW: Delta 8 Party Pack Pro

  • Five of our Delta-8 4pk Gummies.
  • Three of our Delta-8 ‘Half Ounce’ Top Shelf Flower.
  • Three of our Delta-8 Shatter Pre-Packaged One Gram
  • Four of our King Palm 3-In-1 ‘Delta 8 Cigars’.
  • Three of our Delta 8 Pre-rolls.
  • SKU#: D8-Prty-Pk-PRO




Delta-8 Party Pack PRO

Our new ‘Delta-8 Party Pack PRO‘ has just arrived in our exclusive line-up with over twenty products creating this amazing combo pack. When our customers speak, we listen! In recent months we have been following up with our beloved customers and their D8 deliveries to learn more about our ever-changing market. Several customers have enlightened us of the need for a combo pack and we have done it!

Why did we decide to create our first combo pack?

A few beloved customers have enlightened us to invent the first-ever ‘Delta-8 Party Pack PRO‘ exclusively from Mountain Strong Hemp Company in Colorado, USA. After much time and consideration, we are introducing this specific party pack for two! Take your friends and family to the top and have enough product to have a 2nd party!

What products will you receive with a purchase?

Our high-quality Delta-8 products are very powerful so you will not need to enjoy this package in one sitting. Included in our first ever Delta-8 party pack are the following products:

How much will you save?

Normally all of this would total more than $450! But when you purchase this entire Delta-8 Party Pack we will give you the Mountain Strong Family Super Hook Up. That’s right folks, all twenty-one Delta 8 products for only $329.99.

Get your ‘Delta-8 Party Pack PRO’ for $329.99!

Fast and discreet shipping to your doorstep without private postal services. Our exclusive ready-to-go ‘Delta-8 Party Pack PRO‘ makes you the life of the party! Bring your next party to the next level with our newest innovation from Mountain Strong Hemp Company today!

Which activities enhance your Delta-8 experience?

First, it is best to tell you that Delta-8 cannabinoids are less intoxicating than the traditional Delta-9 (Cannabis). Instead, this cannabinoid provides a subtle, long-lasting amount of intoxication to allow you to function with plenty of fun activities to make it a party to remember.

We have compiled our ‘Top Five things to do on Delta-8‘ below to help you plan your next event:

  1. Play Video Games – If you ever had trouble relaxing to be able to play video games then Delta-8 is right for you. With D8 by your side, you will be able to relax and have fun.
  2. Listen to Music – Want to get lost in a classic album? Try pairing up your Delta-8 with some comfortable headphones and kick back and enjoy some tunes.
  3. Outdoors – How long has it been since you went on a nature hike? With the chill feeling of Delta-8, you can peacefully experience nature enhanced.
  4. Read A Book – Is it time to take yourself away in a great novel? With Delta-8 you will be surprised how your book will become reality!
  5. Watch A Movie – Watching a movie will on Delta-8 is our staff’s favorite way to enjoy this new cannabinoid. Grab that classic, a bag of popcorn, and sick back and enjoy the ride!

Is Delta-8 legal in your state?

Are you ready for your own Delta-8 party? We have high-quality safe Delta-8 products to make you the star of the party! This latest 100% Hemp cannabinoid is derived from the hemp plant known as Delta-8 and is legal in most states.

SKU#: D8-Prty-Pk-PRO

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