Delta-8 Distillate

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Recreational users say that delta-8 brings the same calming, appetite inducing properties of its more famous cousin, delta-9 (*the THC we all know and love) but brings on a more mellow, shorter-lived high. It imparts the same appetite stimulating properties as the traditional product but creates a more natural feeling of hunger rather than the stereotypical “munchies.”

Users of delta-8 also report fewer feelings of anxiety or paranoia compared to good ol’ delta-9 THC. This could help open up the benefits of delta-8 hemp to a wider user group, allowing many people who previously avoided THC. Whatever the motivation is, we believe that our delta-8 strain of distillate can help our customers manage pain, nausea or just plain relax without the energy loss and significant appetite increase of traditional THC formulations.

Mountain Strong sources its distillate from producers and labs who maintain the highest standards for quality and purity.

If you have any questions about Delta-8 THC then check out our guide & FAQs here, or shoot us your questions here

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