MBG CBG Clones


Hemp CBG Clones clones involve a cutting of an existing hemp plant with the desirable genetics.  Cloning a hemp plant takes cuttings from a ‘mother plant’ to grow another completely identical plant. This is what you learned in high school biology as “asexual reproduction”. CBG Clones type of reproduction ensures a completely identical plant.

MGB CBG is a great new strain offering  very low THC content but strong CBG content. This CBG hemp clone is fast flowering, so can deliver returns fast!. Depending upon the growing conditions and speed to flower, MGB returns a medium to high yield.
Before purchasing seeds or clones, please review our Disclaimer or Warranties.

48 Clones x 12.00$, 100 Clones x 10.00$, 500 Clones x 8.00$, 1000 x 6.50$

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