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Sour Cherry Feminized Hemp Seed is a smokable flower fan favorite and we want our farming friends to be growing strains Cherry Feminized hemp seed that we’ve found to be the most successful. Cherry Feminized Developed by Josh Lorenze, High Times Hall of Fame Cannabis Breeder.

This is a “must have” boutique strain Cherry Feminized for advanced growers.



Sour Cherry is a fan favorite for our smokable flower and we want our farming friends to be growing strains that we’ve found to be the most successful.  This strain is another that we’ve been playing around with La Plata labs to create.  Josh Lorenze (High Times Hall of Fame Breeder) at La Plata labs turned us onto his work with the flower they were producing. Sour Cherry has become hands down our best selling flower strain.

Being true to what we do, we want to share the strain with you!  This strain is Josh’s version of Cherry Wine but he pheno hunted and did his thing which made him a High Times HOF member. It took him years to dial it in and it’s one of the closest flowers we’ve experienced to hemp perfection that we’ve ever seen on this side of legal cannabis.

Sour Cherry is sativa dominate and you have to know what you are doing in order to grow it to it’s true potential. You can’t just throw it outdoor and expect the same results of the flower we sell. Grown correctly, the flower is super dense and tight.  The terpene profile is as good as it gets and covered in crystals. It takes between 90-120 days flower cycle time to grow it right and it’s only a medium yielder but, it’ll be some of the best flower you ever produce.   

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25 seeds x 10.00$, 100 seeds x 6.00$, 250 seeds x 4.00$, 500 seeds x 3.00$, 1000 seeds x 2.00$, 2500 x1.50$

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