'T1' Feminized High CBD Hemp Seed


We are now offering our own strain called ‘T1’ for it’s amazing light boutique green flowers, superb cannbinoidal profile, and awesome terpine profile. This BIG CAT is sure to please with super XL yields and a bud structure to write home to your mama about.

CBD has been the most abundant and stable genetic available since the dawn of the 2014 USDA industrial farm bill act.

One great factoid about growing CBD is your less likely to grow a hot crop.


Why CBD Hemp Seed is best for us?

CBG is another cannabinoid within the hemp plant for CBD hemp seed that is gaining popularity for its perceived medical benefits. Many users claim that CBG helps with areas such as pain, muscle tension, anxiety and depression. A great benefit of growing a CBG hemp strain is that they produce very little THC thus lowering your risk of your harvest going hot for CBD Feminized.


100 seeds x 6.00$, 1000 seeds x 2.00$, 25 seeds x 10.00$, 250 seeds x 4.00$, 2500 x1.50$, 500 seeds x 3.00$

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