• THC-P Distillate is now available!  Mountain Strong Hemp is offering small minimums for your R&D!
  • 33 Times Stronger Than Delta-9 THC / 100% USDA  Compliant Hemp Derived
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THC-P Distillate is now available!  Mountain Strong Hemp is offering small minimums for your R&D!

100% USDA compliant Hemp Derived and 33 Times Stronger Than Delta-9 THC!


What is THC-P?

Most people know that Marijuana gives you a “high” and some have learned the term THC and know that it’s the psychoactive chemical in the plant that produces that “high” that makes us laugh and be happy,

Now that we are studying the cannabis plant and it’s been going more mainstream, the education and information is finally getting out there and more people are learning about the other cannabinoids within cannabis like Delta-8 THC and CBD.

Education is power and most marijuana users believe that Delta-9 THC is the most potent psychoactive THC available, but that is not the case. Legalizing hemp in 2018 allowed colleges and universities to finally start getting funding for studying Cannabis and all the good things the plant produces that are a benefit for all of society.

Now that we are able to finally study the plant legally, researchers are finding new things that the plant produces and sharing the new information with the public each and every  learning more about its benefits coming out of the Cannabis plant every other day. For instance, you might be aware of Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC now, which are cousins of Delta-9 THC with slightly different makeups with comparable psychoactive properties. 

CBD, CBG, CBN, Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, Delta-10 THC, are all different cannabinoids that our wonderful cannabis plants create and they all have their own medicinal properties with different strengths.  Delta-9 THC is the staple and concentrations over .03% in flower or a product is what the US govey has made federally illegal. Delta-8, Delta-10 THC and THC-O are all psychoactive and federally legal when derived from hemp.  THC-O is 3-5 times more powerful than Delta-9 and here’s another new one…THC-P.

If you want to get “high” THC-P is the place to be!  Because it’s around 30 times stronger than Delta-9 THC.  You read that right, it’s 30 times stronger than D9 and it’s federally legal as long as it’s derived from hemp. The world calls it “Tetrahydrocannabiphorol” or “THC-P.”

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