THCV Oral Spray


-Newly Discovered: THCV

-Rare cannabinoidal product.

-Fast acting oral spray.

-One Pump Spray Bottle.

-Limited Supply!

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THCV Oral Spray

THCV, also known as tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a newly isolated cannabinoid which in it’s early research phase is showing significant potential health benefits. This new cannabinoid is making a big splash into the cbd market offering more medicinal benefits than both THC and CBD. Our product development team has formulated this unique small spray bottle for a quick and discrete shot of our nano-enhanced THCV. Without the need for a rig, flame or smoke you can control your dosage without notice from surrounding people.

What direct effects and benefits from THCV’s can a first time user expect?

  • THCV is an appetite suppressant.  In a complete opposite from the traditional THC, THCV actual reduces the clients appetite.
  • THCV stimulates bone cell regrowth. With this incredible finding, THCV is being used to treat a chronic process of wear and tear on the joints also known as osteoarthritis.
  • THCV may reduce panic attacks. Over 18% of the US population has anxiety and THCV is here to help. Even anxiety in PTSD patients has been reduced significantly with THCV.
  • THCV may help with diabetes. Scientists at several universities are discovering THCV’s ability to regulate your bodies blood sugar levels.
  • THCV may help with Alzheimer’s and tremors. Probably the most prolific area of research for THCV is the potential to help with motor control, brain lesions, tremors which are common traits of both Alzheimer’s disease and MS(Multiple Sclerosis).
  • THCV may reduce stress. In addition to all the amazing potential health benefits listed above about this newly discovered cannabinoid THCV, researchers are also finding it reduces stress.

Why choose the spray applicator over smoke-able flower?

Often we can find trace amounts of THCV in smokable CBD/THC flowers such as the super sought after strain Durban Poison. But these trace amounts are not as powerful as our new concentrated nano-tech oral pump spray bottle product. This convenient pump spray applicator makes your treatment completely discrete, as you do not need a rig/pipe which causes smoke.

How is THCV created?

Most cannabinoids are by products of processes being formulated with materials initiating from the CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) synthesis.  Although similar in name, THCV is actually a by product of CBGVA (cannabigerovarin acid). The acidic forms are what are required to create most end user products, because a big part of creating CBD/THC products is using a process called decarboxylation. THCV is not possible without first utilizing the THCVA form which results in the end result, after more synthesis, the newly discovered THCV.

What other products for THCV are available?

Yes, we also have a THCV shatter which is another highly concentrated way to provide your bodies system a high dose of THCV on a regular basis or as needed.  Much like smoking CBD/THC flower, this shatter product requires a ‘dabbing rig’ to utilize typically. Some clients have also reported adding a small piece to a smokable flower bowl.




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