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As a Colorado Hemp Company, we are continually working with Hemp industry leaders to improve CBD:THC ratios and develop better options for large scale hemp farming applications. Our HEMP and CBD company is a partner of the National Hemp Association and Hemp Industries Association member.

CBD Strains for Sale

We offer three high CBD strains: Cats Meow, Otto II and Cherry Wine. Our seed pricing is based on the estimated CBD to THC ratio that we determine is accurate for each strain.

Our Mountain Strong Hemp Company staff is always available to answer any of your hemp questions and take your order 7 days a week. To contact Mountain Strong Hemp Company please call (720) 999-8774 or fill out the contact form on our contact page.


Mountain Strong Hemp Company (MSHC) started as a small hemp farm outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Our focus was on creating and improving hemp genetics in order to share seeds and clones in small and large quantities both nationally and internationally. Today, MSHC is one of the fastest growing national companies in the hemp industry. We’ve built a network of vetted educators, geneticists, world class breeders, farmers, labs processors, businesses and distributors working together to support the production and distribution of  the highest quality hemp in the most innovative and efficient way. Through our network of farming partners and industry professionals we are able to provide the best CBD and CBG genetics, biomass, flower, pre rolls, isolates, distillate, seed and crude at the greatest value in the nation.

Our mission is to free this wonderful plant by helping our partners and clients be successful in covering the earth with cannabis so that it may do what the Creator intended it to do… Sustain the people and the planet.

We have locations nationally to fill seed and clone orders, processing facilities, and a large international network of distributors creating one of the smoothest supply chains in the industry.

Using the fruit of our labor, along with a select group of  national and international farmers, we’ve created a line of organic, non GMO, high quality CBD products. From tinctures to dog treats, we offer the highest quality of CBD products and each item contains a Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Quality Assurance. Our products are monitored through third party labs regularly to ensure quality and consistency.
Excited for the hemp revolution that has begun, we would love to share our strains, knowledge and products with you. Check out our website for more information and to place your order today!

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