Delta 8 Gummies


  • Pieces: 4pk (100mg) or 10pk (250mg)
  • Size Per: One Gram
  • Cannabinoidal Minors: CBD, CBC, CBG
  • Flavors: Grape Ape, Green Apple, Mystery & Watermelon
  • Brand: Mountain Strong Hemp
  • SKU#: Delta-8-Gummies

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Delta-8 THC gummies are available!

Delta-8 THC that is the derived from hemp is the breakout cannabinoid of 2020. Our Mountain Strong Gummies come in a variety of flavors and are the most popular sweet treat that allows you to experience the awesome benefits of this breakout cannabinoid. With 25mg per gummy, you’ll surely to experience the warm and happy, clear headed euphoria that Delta-8 has to offer.

Let’s run through the basics here and get down to the stuff that matters! To start off, these new Delta-8 products are quite popular in the last year showcasing their potential in several niche HEMP and CBD marketplaces with the most touching testimonials we have heard in quite some time. 

Most products on the market do not come with a dosage chart or even instructions on the best ways to utilize this new cannabinoid. That is why we are making huge improvements on the labeling and educational efforts we provide to our customers. 

If you have ever smoked, or heard about, the mainstream somewhat legal Delta-9 known as Cannabis you may already know it is slowly growing in popularity state by state to setup legal recreational dispensaries here in the USA. 

Any company that does not thoroughly test their Delta-8 edible creations does not belong in the upper tier with these great industry leaders who constantly raise the bar with compliance and consumer safety. 

Our own research indicates that despite these higher standards companies still exist that frequently sell low-high quality products at a premium which affects both the marketplace and customer retention to help sustain niche Delta-8 brands. But that is why we are here leading the front on compliance and safety with our own Delta-8 Gummies now available and ready to ship to your doorstep!

How do Delta-8 gummies feel for the first time?

Get some needed relaxation with our super high quality D-8 infusions.  MSHC Delta-8 THC gummies are perfect for those looking for some inspiration without getting super high and foggy.  These are just perfect for star-gazing or doing your taxes.  Whatever you’re up to, savor a little D-8 gummy and keep relaxed and focused. The typical dosage is one, yes believe it at 25mg per you might want to take half for your first time. You can expect the Delta-8 to kick in about 1.5-2hours from consumption. At which point you with feel much more relaxed than before you consumed the gummy. We suggest to test your dosage level in small increments each session. You will feel very relaxed and quite happy after which you will begin to feel sleepy and then at which point if your in your bed and not on your couch you can sleep soundly with this micro dose. 

What Delta-8 products are available?

We have several options for first time clients to choose from in our many Delta-8 product line-up. If your new to Delta-8 , or looking for something new, we would suggest your take a look at our Delta-8 Flower, Delta-8 Shatter, and Delta-8 Vape carts and much More!

INGREDIENTS: Organic tapioca, organic cane sugar, fruit pectin, filtered water, natural flavor
extracts, citric acid, potassium citrate, natural fruit and vegetable extracts for color, Full
Spectrum Hemp Extract.

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Grape Ape, Green Apple, Mango, Mystery, Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Watermelon


4 pack, 10 pack, 25 pack

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