Delta-8 Moon Rocks


  • Top Shelf CBD Boutique Greenhouse Flower
  • Hand Dipped in Premium Delta-8
  • Smothered with the highest quality ‘CBG Kief’ available
  • Brand: Mountain Strong Hemp
  • SKU#: D8-Mn-Rks-Pckgd

The best quality Caviar style Delta 8 Moon Rocks on the Planet!


Top Shelf Delta-8 Moon Rocks

Have you tried our Top Shelf Delta-8 Moon Rocks? Our mad scientists have been working around the clock to serve you up our next stellar treat. These nuggets will blast you right out of this world!

Prior to release we assembled our tried and true test crew and put these rocks to the ultimate test. We are proud to announce, with stellar ratings from our internal test groups, these nuggets are beyond BANGIN

Why choose Mountain Strong Hemp’s incredible D8 Moon Rocks?

At a glance our moon rocks have the most consistent coating in the market utilizing our proprietary applicator which was designed at our Mountain Strong Hemp R&D facility in the secure foothills of Colorado, USA.

Our team believes with conviction that our attention to quality in our top shelf Delta-8 infused Moon Rocks is unmatched in potency!!

Does Delta-8 get you high like Cannabis?

The short answer is no. It is commonly reported that unlike Delta-9 THC Delta-8 Moon does not provide the overwhelming anxiety or paranoia experiences reported by first time users. In fact, Delta-8 has been reported to help with daily anxiety, sleeping disorders and PTSD.

How are Delta-8 moon rocks made?

Delta-8 is made from taking a raw material known as CBD isolate and through a process known as isomerization the initial isomer is converted into the final Delta-8 cannabinoid.  In fact our Delta-8 is refined with in house methods to ensure the consistent quality does not change throughout the life of each of our products shelf life.

Reviewing Sprayed vs Double Dipped D8 Moon Rocks?

Most companies spray their mid to low grade flower just coating them with enough delta-8 moon to make the kief stick.

At Mountain Strong we dip our precious gems into our premium distillate so they completely soak it up and are saturated before we shower them with the highest quality CBG kief around. We than blast them again with a dip and meteor shower of CBG creating a true Full Spectrum Top Shelf Caviar Moon Rock.

What is Kief and why CBG?

Kief is the purest and cleanest crystal trichome dust on cannabis flowers. It’s highly concentrated with the most dominant cannabinoids from the plant. CBG is the “Mother” of all cannabinoids and research suggest that it is more medicinal.   

How do you make the hand crafted 3-in-1 Delta-8 Moon Rocks?

Great question asked by one of our customers! First we take the best buds from our indoor greenhouse and then we dip them in Delta-8 liquid distillate which is 100% hemp derived. Our Delta-8 distillate is water clear which means it is of the purest available and has zero Delta-9 so you can be confident quality is first.

Next, we bring our trays of premium silk soft kief out to our stainless steel tables where be begin to apply the kief with our amazing in-house applicator. Due to the delicate nature of this product we find our technique to provide the most consistent application with our CBG kief.

Once dipped and coated we then take our upright ‘Delta-8 Moon 3-in1- Moon Rocks’ to the elaborate drying racking room specifically designed to cure our moon rocks to perfection.

What other delta-8 moon products are available?

Delta-8 moon is exploding across the CBD marketplace at a record rate.

We have seen everything from D8 infused soft drinks, D8 Gummies, D8 Vape Carts, D8 Shatter, D8 Diamonds, and MUCH MORE!

This three in one treat with CBD flower, Delta-8 Moon distillate, and CBG kief will hit all the high notes in your endocannabinoidal system.

Order now, while supplies last!

Want to learn more about Science of the new cannabinoid called ‘Delta-8’ click HERE.

Delta-8 Moon Rocks Product Details:

  • Delta-8 Infused
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • <.3% Delta-9 THC
  • SKU#: D8-Mn-Rks-Pckgd
  • Brand: Mountain Strong Hemp
  • Price: $44.99 to $1,799.99

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