Delta-8 Vape Cart


Delta-8 Carts in six new stellar flavors:

We now have ‘in stock’ the newest smokeable cannabinoid in Delta-8 Carts / DELTA-8 vape cartridges. This super chill cannabinoid is making a big splash into the hemp market.

Best delta-8 vape cartridges strains:

  • Delta-8 ‘Blueberry KUSH’ 1 Gram Vape Cart
  • Delta-8 ‘Green Crack’ 1 Gram Vape Cart
  • Delta-8 ‘Strawberry Cough’ 1 Gram Vape Cart
  • Delta-8 ‘Maui Wowie’ 1 Gram Vape Cart
  • Delta-8 ‘Grand Daddy Purp’ 1 Gram Vape Cart
  • Delta-8 ‘Sour Diesel’ 1 Gram Vape Cart

Size: One “FULL” Gram (1000mg)

With real cannabis terpenes and clear Delta-8 distillate, these carts are sure to please!


Delta-8 Vape Cartridges

Our Delta-8 vape carts are made with high-quality ingredients to ensure our customer’s safety. Our carts are lab-tested to ensure the purity of each batch, so you know exactly what you’re vaping every time. We offer the broadest selection of delta 8 THC vape carts, featuring 10 strain flavor profiles in one perfect full gram capacity.

What is Delta-8 THC?

The newest cannabinoid to make a splash into the mainstream ecosystem is now Delta-8 THC, also known as ‘D8’, which is far less intense than known Delta-9 marijuana cannabinoid. Delta-8 is not only popular in states without medical marijuana but due to its potential benefits to help with everything from sleeping disorders to PTSD this cannabinoid is here to stay.

Is Delta-8 legal in my state?

Since the 2018 USDA Farm Bill passed most states have now set up their own industrial hemp programs. Despite this federally approved program, we have states that have decided to ban Delta 8 THC rather than regulating the dosage per edible or vaping cartridge. For your protection may we suggest you check with your local state laws before purchasing our Delta-8 products, because laws are updated? You can check your state’s D8 legal status to ensure your abiding by your state and local laws.

How can a third-party product “COA” help me?

By checking a product’s Certificate of Authenticity (COA) you can better understand the amounts of each cannabinoid in the formulation you will be intaking before the actual consumption of the product takes place. In any COA you will find a laboratory software-generated report that was produced on a very expensive machine designed for testing more than ten different hemp cannabinoid profiles. As new cannabinoids enter the market they are typically added to this report which shows in a great deal the exact percentages in a list format to easily review the details.

How fast do Delta-8 vape carts take to “kick in”?

The difference between edibles and D8 vapes may surprise you because the time it takes to feel an edible versus a puff from a d8 vape is quite different. Vaporizers work differently. They take effect quickly (almost instantly!), which means you can start with tiny doses and work your way up until you feel the desired level of effects.

How does a Delta-8 THC vape hit feel?

After asking and reviewing online testimonials from our many customers and patients on the Internet, we can tell you that Delta-8 will not leave you paranoid and too high to function like its sister Delta-9 marijuana. Many reports and case studies online are indicating more benefits than originally thought are being discovered from common issues such as sleeping disorders to even helping our troops and everyday people with PTSD.

How many puffs will I get from a one-gram D8 cart?

Most eLiquid devices, when it contains one gram of liquid, typically provides 100 puff counts. Our findings are based on actual industry standards with most vaping juice products on the market. If you are new to vaping Delta-8 then you should only take 1-2 puffs before attempting to take more puffs. Wait for one to two hours to ensure the level of the dosage is where you want to be before taking vaping more Delta-8.

Have you seen our additional Delta-8 products?

Being our company is based in the heart of the industrial hemp movement in Colorado, we can bring you the newest creations such as Delta-8 THC Moon RocksDelta-8 THC Pre-RollsDelta-8 THC Cigars, and MUCH MORE!

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