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About Isolate & distillate

Whether you’re looking for home remedies for anxiety, pain management or just overall well-being, cannabinoid concentrates can be a safe and effective alternative to commercial pharmaceuticals.  As more people get turned on to the benefits of cannabinoid extracts, the market for these products is booming.  Isolates and distillates are great additions to your own wellness product lines.

What is a hemp isolate?

Isolate is a cannabinoid preparation extracted from the hemp plant and refined into one of its purest forms. Isolate crystals are a fine white powder that only contain the  desired cannabinoid compound. Isolate comes in both crystal and powder form and is extremely versatile.

This form of cannabinoid is easy to measure and helps make sure you get the right dose. It’s also conducive to being mixed into creams & salves.

CBG Isolate

What is a hemp distillate?

The distillation of cannabis is a process that creates concentrates that are purer than concentrates created by other methods in that they’re pure on a molecular level. 

Distillation refines the cannabinoids from hemp biomass into their most concentrated form, free of any contaminates.

Distillation of cannabinoids creates a substance that is pure, versatile, and potent with many commercial and personal uses.

THC-V Concentrate Image

Reliable Global Sourcing

Mountain Strong is an international network of industry professionals working together to sweater the earth with hemp in the fastest most efficient way possible!


We only contract with growers that meet our rigorous requirements to get certifiable seeds and clones.


Non-GMO is a Standard, not a Choice. We monitor all of our growers to ensure they use safe and natural farming practices


All our extracts are lab tested and certified to ensure you’re getting the highest quality and purity avalaible


Hemp is Federally legal in all 50 States as well as most of the world. Take advantage of everything Hemp has to offer without the paranoia.

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