Delta 8 THC Shatter


Our Delta 8 shatter is triple-back tested to maintain and ensure USDA compliance standards. Same GREAT quality with new flavors and a new lower price!

  • Strains: Blue Dream, Blueberry Kush, Girl Scout Cookies
  • New: Natural – No Terpenes/No Flavor
  • 100% Hemp derived product
  • Size: 1 Gram
  • Container: Glass ‘QUBE’ w/child proof cap!
  • SKU: D8-Shatter-Grams
  • Price: $19.99/gram

Top shelf flower used grown & processed in Colorado, USA.

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Delta-8 THC Shatter in four new dabbing flavors!

Our Delta-8 THC shatter provides unparalleled levels of concentrated Delta-8 THC to deliver the benefits of D8 swiftly and effectively. Experience the latest product to meet the surging demand for Delta-8! Our Delta-8 Shatter is some of the cleanest and most potent in the industry.

Our Top Facts Everyone Should Know About Delta-8 Shatter Before Purchasing

By now, you may have heard or seen marketing for Delta-8 THC in your local town and on many eCommerce websites across America. Before you begin you journey with one or several of our many Delta-8 products, including Delta-8 THC shatter,  let us go over a few key points to help you make smart decisions in this new niche market. Note: All of our Delta 8 THC extract are 100% derived from authorized hemp and does not include greater than 0.3%.

How does Delta-8 differ from Marijuana?

While Delta-8 THC might sound much like Delta-9 THC (the main cannabinoid in cannabis), it is a very completely different chemical. The effects of D8 range from super relaxed into a drowsy sleep ready state if taken after dinner prior to your normal bed time as the is cannabinoid has about a two hour delay has been reported. With this being said you should start with half of one gummy and cycle through the entire experience before consuming too much Delta-8 at one sitting.

Is Delta-8 legal in my state?

Despite the ongoing banning of D8, rather than regulating the dosage, by certain states on this very positive new cannabinoid this industry is proving to pave the way for other newly discovered cannabinoids. All readers are encouraged to check with their local and state officials before purchasing any Delta-8 products.

What is the current status on the legalities for Delta-8?

Moving forward past the legalities and diving into the exciting new data showing up weekly from private and educational research departments is proving to be helping the battle coming from the recreational marijuanna industry. We have seen some data, not inclusive by any means, showing states with recreational Marijuana infrastructure are banning rather than regulating this potentially helpful cannabinoid also known as D8 as it may be a potential competitor to cannabis markets.

Any differences between Delta-8 and it's sister cannabinoid Delta-9?

D8 products are a lot safer and milder than Delta-9 THC products, making them a useful alternative for the health conscious and older generations. Delta-8 THC is a wonderful alternative for anybody who enjoys Delta-9 however may get anxiety or other unwanted effects from it. When the dose is regulated the experience and not only be far less potent, but also longer lasting.

Is it ok to consume other cannabinoids while taking D8?

Delta-eight THC is a much milder type of THC that can go well with various functions. And yes, they can also be used alongside with our CBD products if you wish to eat cannabinoids for your common wellness too. Our Delta-8 shatter is a fan favorite among avid smokers for it steadiness of cannabinoids over a longer period of time than even cannabis highs.

Do the 'Delta-8 THC Shatter' grams work with all dabbing rigs?

Made for dabbing, our pure solvent-less shatter presents a consumer-pleasant consistency that simply transfers from its package to your dab nail. You don’t need to vary how you are dabbing, simply choose your preferred machine comparable to a dab rig and banger with a nice carb cap and get ready for a big dab that will send you the pleasure you desire from any dab rig or bowl topping method of choice.

What consumer safety awareness should i look for with D8 products?

With any new niche products it is important to look and read all 3rd party lab reports and independent (COA - Certificate of Analysis) lab report data to ensure the contents of the package are in alignment with the COA.

What other products does your Delta-8 shatter currently come in?

We are formulating many products and creating new ones for our customers monthly. Our team has sourced & formulated a wide variety of products including our Delta-8 Flower, Delta-8 Gummies, Delta-8 Moon Rocks, and MORE!

Are you READY to Blast-Off? Grab your Rig!

Step up, and choose Delta-8 THC Shatter from

four CLASSIC one gram strains:

  1. Blue Dream
  2. Blueberry Kush
  3. Girl Scout Cookies
  4. Natural Flavor (No Terpenes)

While supplies last, keep checking back for new strain profiles!

Shipped directly to your door, order yours today!!

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