Attune Downtime CBD Oil Tincture 500mg


Kick back and wind down, down, down with Attune Downtime CBD Oil Tincture 500mg designer blend. Downtime Blend can simultaneously unwind your mind, establish healthy sleep rhythms, and give you restful, restorative sleep like nothing you’ve tried before. More sleep, less sheep. Featuring 500mg of calming CBD and the proven benefits of melatonin, combined with other calming and sleep-promoting ingredients like chamomile, jasmine, rose, hibiscus, lavender, cardamom, and chamomile. Best enjoyed at the end of a long day, Attune’s Downtime is the perfect nighttime complement for the daytime assistance of our Inspired Blend.

  • 500mg
  • 30ml


With Attune Downtime CBD Oil Tincture 500mg, you’re getting a premium full spectrum product that is formulated for maximum sleep benefits. By now, you’ve probably heard about the beneficial combination of CBD and melatonin. When discussing CBD and sleep in the same sentence, it only makes sense to include melatonin – which is one of nature’s most powerful tools and known to naturally regulate sleeping cycles.

Attune Downtime CBD Oil Tincture contains a hardy amount of CBD with melatonin for a perfect combination of calm and relaxation just before bedtime. But that’s not all. We’ve created a proprietary natural sleep blend that contains a wide range of goodness, including chamomile, lavender, jasmine, rose, hibiscus, cardamom, and other key ingredients to help promote relaxation and aid with sleep. Made for daily use, this is recommended being taken in the evening an hour before bed for maximum effectiveness. We have received incredible customer feedback, with many satisfied individuals raving about how our CBD oil truly made a difference in their lives.

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