Delta-8 Gummies

$9.99 - $19.99

10 packs of sweet relaxation in sweet 25 milligram chews!  Sample all our fruity goodness.  Contact us for orders over $2000!

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Delta-8 THC that is the derived from hemp is the breakout cannabinoid of 2020. Our Mountain Strong Delta-8 THC Gummies come in a variety of flavors and are the most popular sweet treat that allows you to experience the awesome benefits of this breakout cannabinoid. With 25mg per gummy, you’ll surely to experience the warm and happy, clear headed euphoria that Delta-8 has to offer.

Get some needed relaxation with our super high quality D-8 infusions.  MSHC Delta-8 THC gummies are perfect for those looking for some inspiration without getting super high and foggy.  These are just perfect for star-gazing or doing your taxes.  Whatever you’re up to, savor a little D-8 gummy and keep relaxed and focused.

INGREDIENTS: Organic tapioca, organic cane sugar, fruit pectin, filtered water, natural flavor
extracts, citric acid, potassium citrate, natural fruit and vegetable extracts for color, Full
Spectrum Hemp Extract.

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Additional information

Gummy Flavor

Grape Ape, Green Apple, Mango, Mystery, Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Watermelon

Pack Count

10 pack, 4 pack


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