Cats Meow CBD

It’s a bit of a mystery how this super strain came about but the Cat’s Meow CBD strain has one of the highest CBD to THC ratios we’ve seen! 

Cat’s Meow is phenotypically a Sativa leaning plant with Indica dominant leaf structures. It grows a thick stock with medium lateral branches and a heavy yielding sweet sweet flower.

  • CBD-A Range: 9% – 13%
  • Total THC: 0.3%
  • Ratio CBD/THC: 25:1

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Cherry Wine CBD

The pheno of “The Wife” we isolated for this project practically drips resin, and was the first phenotype we saw that had no detectable THC with a whopping 25% CBD!

Paired with our CBD-rich Charlotte’s Cherries male, which tested for non detectable THC via leaf analysis, this hybrid brings farmers and medical growers alike a true connoisseur’s CBD hemp cultivar.

  • CBD-A Range: 7%-11% CBD.
  • CBD-A Range: 7%-11% CBD.
  • Ratio CBD/THC 22:1
To order Cherry Wine CBD hemp clones now! Call (719) 323-2472 or fill out the contact form on our contact page.
H5 cbg hemp clone

H5 CBG is a very popular strain offering  very low THC content but strong CBG content.

This CBG hemp clone is fast flowering, so can deliver returns faster than other strains.

Depending upon the growing conditions and speed to flower, H5 CBG returns a medium to high yield.

To order H5 CBG clones now! Call (719) 323-2472 or fill out the contact form on our contact page.


Carefully Selected Hemp Clones

At Mountain Strong our genetics are bred for strength and resilience. Our Industrial Hemp Clones come from pre-selected mother plants that have a high CBD & CBG content. Our Feminized Hemp Clones are highly successful as they grow in outdoor environments.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We pride ourselves on our Certified CBD Hemp Clones and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Serving the Hemp Industry at Scale

At Mountain Strong Hemp we pride ourselves in being able to handle large orders for our industrial hemp clones. We can fill most Hemp Clone orders with inventory on hand during growing season.

We do require a down payment for our hemp clones at the time an order is placed.

We’re Here To Help

Our Mountain Strong Hemp Company staff are always available to answer any of your hemp questions.


To make hemp clones the stem of an adult hemp plant is cut. The piece which is cut off – this is called a cutting – is placed into the substrate (soil or another growing medium) where the cutting grows its own roots and becomes a fully functional hemp plant.

We generally refer to the adult hemp plant from which the clone cutting has been taken as the ‘mother’ plant. Mother plants can live for a long time and create many hundreds – even thousands – of clones. The mother plant is retained in a constant vegetative state by way of a consistent and non-varied light cycle; that’s how she can live for so long and produce so many clones.

Our cuttings are stem cuttings. There are at least five types of cuttings using roots, leaves, or stalks but we use cuttings from the stems of the mother plant as we find these cuttings are more resilient.

Once we have our cuttings it’s time to give them a new home. Depending upon the growing conditions we plant our cuttings in rock wool, coir jiffy pellets, or sometimes vermiculite. The cuttings are placed under carefully controlled light conditions to avoid over-lighting and ensure they get enough darkness to promote root development.

Hemp cuttings usually develop their own roots in around 15 days. Unlike plants grown from seeds, clones do not generate a tap root. A tap root is a large central root which extends vertically into the growing medium. This tap root acts as an anchor; helping the hemp plant resist severe weather events. So, if you’re planning on growing your hemp outdoors in an area prone to above average winds and storm conditions, you might want to consider growing hemp from seed rather than buying clones. Mountain Strong Hemp Company sells a range of hemp seeds – check them out here.

Once they’ve developed sufficient root structures to help them resist transplant shock the hemp clones are ready to be transplanted into the soil or medium where it will mature into an adult plant. Commonly this is a field or if growing indoors a type of large container is used.


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