Top Shelf Delta-8 Infused Smokable Sour Cherry CBD Flower


  • Strain/Flavor: Delta 8 Sour Cherry CBD
  • Nose: Cherry, Pine, Perfection!
  • Special Buy:  Four ounces for only $329.00!
  • USDA Compliant: Yes
  • Bud Structure: Top Shelf (BEST)
  • Brand: Mountain Strong Hemp Company
  • SKU#: D8-SChrry-Flwr

Sizes: Delta-8 Infused Half Ounce, One Ounce, Four Ounces (Best Deal!) or One Pound.


Delta-8 THC Flower - Sour Cherry

Our best infused top shelf “Sour Cherry” Delta-8 THC flower sets the bar for boutique Delta-8 infused smokable hemp flower. Sour cherry is one of our special private reserve genetics that produces some of the best smokable delta-8 THC flower buds seen in the hemp industry. This strain looks, smells, and smokes as good as it gets with the nostalgic sour cherry flavor. Delta-8 Infused

What makes this 'D8 THC flower' strain top-shelf?

This flower is hand manicured, light green with beautiful red hairs, covered with crystals, and has a terpene profile that sets it apart from any cherry strain we’ve seen & smoked here at Mountain Strong Hemp Company.

Where is the Delta-8 flower produced?

We infuse our Delta-8 THC flower in our homeland of Colorado with the cleanest delta-8 distillate being produced in the United States. Our secret infusion application process is nothing less than perfect and uses zero solvents, making it the purest on the market. We provide third-party independent lab reports with every shipment to ensure the safety of our customers.

Is the D8 flower grown indoors or outdoors?

Our best boutique Delta-8 infused smokable hemp flower is organically grown indoors and in greenhouses by master growers in the most state-of-the-art facilities being built today.

When do we harvest our amazing Delta-8 THC flower?

We harvest during the best conditions and take our time to dry, cure, and process our flowers using the best practices known. It takes generations to master the art of growing or be lucky to find a  talented hand-selected team as we have at our secret Mountain Strong Hemp Company facility. With our many farmers, we can provide a steady supply of Delta-8 Infused strains year-round. Call us directly for bulk purchases.

How does Delta-8 THC flower feel when smoked?

If you are a first-time user but have smoked cannabis (Delta-9) then you will be familiar with the effects. But unlike Delta-9 the newest cannabinoid Delta-8 is not a powerful or overwhelming as cannabis and is reported to be more subtle without the typical paranoia accompanied with marijuana the sister plant to hemp.

Is it safe to smoke Delta-8 flowers with other cannabinoids?

While mixing most drugs can have a negative impact on your health mixing cannabinoids is how new discoveries are made and will not typically cause any poor experiences. New products are actually in the works behind the scenes that will contain both cannabinoids and cannabis which creates the true synergy between cannabis and hemp.

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Additional Product Information:

Strain: "Sour Cherry" - Delta-8 Smokable Hemp Flower

Cannabinoids: Delta-8 THC, D8, Delta-9 THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC

2018 USDA Farm Bill Compliant: Yes

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